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Calculate Your Savings by Riding Public Transportation

Use this calculator to see how much money you can save every year by riding CCTA buses instead of driving your vehicle. (Numbers are estimates based on national averages and assumes weekday commuting schedules)

Your Car's Gas Mileage (MPG)    
Price of Gas per Gallon $
Number of Miles in Your Round Trip Commute    
Size of Your Car     * 
Daily Parking Cost for Your Car $
Daily Round Trip Commute Cost Using Public Transportation $ **
Yearly Cost of Commuting
by Automobile
Yearly Cost of Commuting
by Public Transportation
$ $

You saved

 $  ***

*Based on the following estimates for increased costs of maintenance and tire replacement per mile.

  Small Car per mile Medium Car per mile Large Car per mile Mini-van per mile SUV per mile
Maintenance 3.98 cents 4.67 cents 5.07 cents 4.76 cents 5.47 cents
Tires 0.55 cents 0.85 cents 0.77 cents 0.67 cents 0.93 cents


** Don't forget monthly and ten-ride pass holders pay less than the normal CCTA one-way fare: (Monthly pass roundtrip numbers vary based on the amount of times the pass is used)

Local service regular fare = $2.50 roundtrip
Local service 10-ride = $2.00 roundtrip
Local service 31-day pass = $1.05 roundtrip
Local Commuter 10-ride = $4.00 roundtrip
Local Commuter 31-day pass = $3.32 roundtrip
LINK Express 10-ride fare = $8.00 roundtrip
LINK Express 31-day fare = $6.25 roundtrip

*** If you are able to eliminate a vehicle in your household, you could save an additional $5,576 in car ownership cost (full-covereage insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation and finance charge).

The ownership, maintenance and tire replacement cost are from the AAA 2008 Your Driving Costs.

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